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Frequently Asked Questions About Herbs...

•  Made of finest quality premium herbs
•  Carefully selected, harvested and oven-dried to maintain nutritional qualities
•  Unique blends developed over years of hands-on use and success by herbalist and founder, Wendy Jennings
•  Made in England
•  All-natural, no artificial ingredients*
*Excludes liquid and cream blends

How do herbs work?
Herbs are not a quick fix or wonder cure for your horse's well-being. What herbs can do is assist in allowing the natural bodily functions to operate more efficiently. Wendals Herbs mixes are not categorized as veterinary products but as complimentary supplements. However many veterinarians recommend herbal blends a a natural alternative to the many artificial products on the market.

How long does it take for herbs to work?
This varies with the individual horse, but many people report good results within seven - 13 days, sometimes even less. You should allow up to three weeks for the herbs to get into the horse's system.

When do I give herbs to my horses and dogs? How much do I give them?
Wendals Herbs are supplemented with normal daily diet, either once or twice a day. A supplement rate is recommended on every product and all herbal blends are packaged with a measuring scoop.

Can I give multiple Wendals Herbs blends to my horse?
Yes! Just reduce the feeding amount of each blend until the total equals 1-1/2 oz for a 1,000 lb horse or 1/2 scoop per 220 lbs body weight. For example, if you want to feed Calmer and Stop Itch together, give 3/4 oz of each bland for a 1,000 lb horse or 1/4 scoop of each blend per 220 lbs body weight.

Will my horse eat it?
Herbs are actually appealing to most animals and they readily eat them. Even the fussy-eaters usually accept them when mixed with their normal feed.

How long will a tub last?
A kilo, or 2.2 lb pail, will last a full-size horse about a month. The benefits of most products are normally apparent within the duration of the first tub and sometimes no more is required.

Why should I give Moody Mare to my horses?
Moody Mare helps horses relieve tension and overcome PMT (PMS) blues.

Why should I give Mare Care to my horses?
Mare Care prepares the mare for foaling and repairs the mare after foaling. Helps ease birth, reduces birth time and cleanses quicker.

How are Garlic Granules different from other garlic products on the market?
Wendals Herbs equine are 100% pure, freeze-dried garlic. They won't irritate nasal passages as other garlic powders or oils might. Garlic Granules are good for the overall health of the horse and repel flies. Got dogs? Discover .

How are Garlic Granules different from other garlic products on the market?
Wendals Herbs' Garlic Granules are 100% pure, freeze-dried garlic, not a powder or oil. Will not irritate nasal passage as powder and oil can.

Why should I give Garlic Granules to my horses?
Garlic Granules are good for the overall health of the horse AND repel flies.

Can I give Garlic Granules to my dogs?
Yes, Garlic Granules are safe for dogs, too.

Why should I use Herbal/Salt Licks?
Herbal/Salt Licks provide high quality herbs to stabled horses and help prevent boredom.

Why should I give Stop Itch to my horses?
Stop Itch helps relieve skin irritations.

Why should I give Calmer to my horses?
Calmer contains relaxing herbs to help reduce horse's nervous energy.

Why should I give Respiration to my horses?
Respiration soothes and assists in managing the respiratory system of the horse; 100% natural alternative to other products on the market.

What herbs can I use to help my horses stop chewing?
Calmer and Herbal/Salt Licks work well in helping prevent horses from chewing.

Moody Mare and Garlic Granules were honored as award winning blends at the Equitana World Show; they were recognized as significant, noteworthy new products to the market.

How do I know which herbs to use?
If your veterinarian has made a diagnosis, you can choose an herb that assists with that concern, or contact the Wendals Herbs Email Hotline at email@wendalsusa.com or call 800-321-0235. You can also refer to the Equine Concerns Chart or the Canine Concerns Chart.

What if my horse won't eat the herbal blends?
On the rare occasion this happens, or you have a very picky eater, we recommend feeding less in the beginning, gradually introducing it in the horse's feed over time. Gradual introduction of the herbal blends most always works. If you have any additional questions, please call 800-321-0235. Remember, your complete satisfaction is our goal and all Wendals Herbs are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try Wendals Herbs for 30 days and if you aren't completely satisfied with the results, simply return it for a refund, credit or exchange. Shipping charges are not refundable.

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