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Joint Supplement Comparison Chart Overwhelmed by horse joint supplement choices? We can help! Use this handy chart to help breakdown how much glucosamine, hyaluronic acid or chondroitin sulfate each equine joint supplement contains. Plus, look for MSM, yucca, boswellia, bromelain or devil's claw for extra pain relief.
Hoof Supplement Comparison Chart Got brittle, cracked horse hooves? Laminitis? Chronic foot pain? Hoof supplements can help your horse build a better foundation for healthy hooves. Check out this chart to learn how much biotin, methionine and zinc each equine hoof supplement contains. Plus, look for nutrients like copper, manganese, calcium and lysine to support extra hoof health.
Why Use Salt Licks? Need salt? Make it easy to feed with a salt lick! Salt is an important part of any horse's diet. It helps regulate the body's fluids and helps control electrical impulses in nerves and muscles. But most equine feeds don't provide enough salt needed for a horse's diet. Check out our top reasons to try a free-choice salt source like the Himalayan salt lick and let your horse feed his nutritional need.
Fly Zone Control Protect your horses, pasture and stable from pesky pests! Arm yourself with effective fly control for horses. Use this handy map to determine how long fly season lasts in your area. Then check the zone tips to set up an insect control system that will work for you, your horses and your stable, pasture or farm.
Baddest Bugs Quick Reference Chart Waging the war against flies? Know your enemy. Learn how mosquitoes, horse flies, horn flies and other pests affect your horses. Find out what they look like, where they live and how you can protect your horse, stable, farm and even yourself.
Fly Predators Get real fly free relief! Kill flies before they can bother you, your horses and your pets. Learn how you can protect your horses and yourself with natural fly control. Discover the benefits of Fly Predators, the natural enemy of flies.
Starbar Get the most out of your outdoor fly traps! Use this handy guide to get the right level of livestock and equine fly control from your fly catchers. See which traps are best for certain areas of your farm or ranch, then learn where to hang or set them for maximum control.
Paste/Gel Dewormer Comparison Chart Not sure which dewormer is right for your horse? Check out this handy chart! Find out which wormers treat for tapeworms, roundworms, large and small strongyles, bots and other equine parasites. Choose from ingredients such as pyrantel pamoate, moxidectin, ivermectin, fenbendazole and more.
Paste Wormer Rotation Schedule Why should you rotate dewormers? Horse wormers help control parasites in the digestive system. Different active ingredients are effective against different types of worms. To keep your horse in tip-top shape, it's important to rotate dewormers throughout the year to help prevent equine parasite resistance. Follow this basic horse worming schedule to get the best protection out of your dewormers.
Pellet Dewormer Comparison Chart Make deworming easy! Add dewormer pellets to your horse worming schedule and watch horses gobble up what's good for them. This easy-to-use chart breaks down active ingredients, which equine parasites are controlled and notes about which horses can be treated.
Sample Vaccination Programs Protect your animal from nasty equine diseases and viruses. Use this handy guide to help you set up a vaccination schedule. Plus, learn which horse vaccines are available, what they treat, how they should be administered, how often and at what age.
Vaccine Comparison Chart Confused about which equine vaccines are right for your horse? Find out which vaccines protect against equine diseases such as West Nile virus and equine herpes virus, how they should be given, at what age and how often to give a booster.
West Nile Virus FAQ Are you ready for the West Nile Virus? Get West Nile Virus facts here, including information on symptoms, how it's spread, vaccination and other treatment and prevention ideas.
Flea Control Comparison Chart Have you noticed your pet scratching a lot lately? You might need flea and tick control. These easy-to-use charts give you the basic facts on flea control for dogs and cats, including age restrictions, ingredients and which pests each product treats. Check out our wide selection and choose the best flea control products for your pet.
EZ Foamer Cleaner FAQsHorse grooming made easy! eZall natural horse shampoo and equine grooming supplies help loosen dirt in minutes without scrubbing. eZall immediately releases even the toughest caked-on dirt from hair coats and equipment. Learn how eZall horse grooming supplies can save you time and money.
Power Flex Bandage ComparisonBandages are not all created equal! Get superior support with PowerFlex elastic bandages. Check out this video and chart to discover the PowerFlex difference.
Wendals Herbs FAQLooking for natural equine herbal remedies? Learn more about Wendals Herbs for horses here! Herbs have played a vital role in equine health throughout history. Horses in the wild had easy access to herbs that aren't available in today's well-groomed paddocks. Your equine friend may not be getting all the nutrients needed for peak health. Discover how equine herbal supplements can help!
Wendals Dosage Chart for DogsIs your dog scratching like crazy? Super excited? Moving slow? Try Wendals Herbs natural dog supplements. Some of the problems that plague dogs are the result of poor food quality and little exercise. See how these natural remedies for dogs can help your canine friend.
Shoe Size ChartMake sure you get the right fit! Follow this Tingley rubber boots and rubber overshoes size chart to get the best fit for maximum comfort.
Glove Size ChartGet the right glove size quickly and easily! Find out how to measure your hand and get the most comfortable glove size for you.
Wendals Dosage Chart for Dogs Is your horse suffering from creaky joints? Back soreness? Toe pointing? Wonít relax? Itís no secret horse code - try Silver Lining Herbs for horses! Natural herb supplements provide your horse with the nutrients needed to support total health. Check out the Silver Lining Herbs list of common horse health issues and figure out your horseís secret code today.
Wendals Dosage Chart for Dogs Itís no secret dog code Ė discover Silver Lining Herbs for dogs to support total health. Many of our canine friends suffer from skin and digestive problems, arthritis, seizures and more. Natural dog health supplements provide your dog with the nutrients needed to support normal health and vitality. Look through the Silver Lining Herbs list of common dog health issues and find out your dogís secret code today.
Horse Tack Reference Chart Tack up your horse right! Not sure how to tack your horse? Use this handy chart to learn the proper placement of western tack for horses and be ready to ride.
Weaver Bitology A helpful tool for finding the right bit. Use the information in Weaver's Bitology, and advice from a trainer to choose the right bit for you and your horse.
Zoetis InformationImprove the quality and health of your horses. Visit the Zoetis website to learn more about horse products, to get solutions for common equine problems and to find tips for equine health management.

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